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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Have you ever thought how your family would cope financially without you? By taking out life insurance through us we can help you protect your family should the worst happen. Life insurance need not be complicated and we try to keep it as simple as possible to apply for it.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to pay out a fixed cash lump sum to your family or loved ones when you die, although sometimes it is possible to take a lump sum payment before you die if you become terminally ill.

If you have a family or a partner who are financially dependent on you, or if you have liabilities such as a mortgage or loan then you should consider taking out life insurance. Although often thought of as being an insurance that the man in the family needs to take out you should also think about taking out life insurace if you are a woman and have a family.

There are several types of life insurance, some of which are detailed below.

Level term insurance is designed to pay out a sum of money if the policyholder should die during the term (the period of time) in which your policy runs. When choosing your policy, you should choose the amount you want paying out (the sum insured ) and the length of time for which the policy is to cover (the term). The sum insured is guaranteed at the outset and remains unchanged through out the term of the life insurance.

Decreasing term insurance (sometimes also called 'Mortgage Protection') is where the sum insured decreases over the term of the policy. This is normally used to protect a capital & interest repayment mortgage, where the outstanding balance and thus the cover needed reduces each year.

You can also choose a policy that covers just you or both yourself and your partner (a joint life policy).

Why use us for life insurance ?

We are a professional insurance brokerage who are authorised and specialise in protection insurances such as life insurance.

Unlike many other life insurance web sites on the internet, our partner is staffed by staff who are all trained to give advice to our clients. This means that not only do you get one of the cheapest life insurance available in the UK, but they will make sure that you get the policy that best matches your needs and are able to answer any questions you may have.

As specialists, we only deal in protection based insurance. This means that we are experienced with the following insurance types:

We are also able to recommend replacement or top-up life insurance policies, providing that we can demonstrate that any recommendations we make are in the best interest of the policy holder, we would not recommend a replacement policy just because we are going to earn commission from the new policy. We are regulated for general insurance but we are a non-advised sale.

As a specialist company, we have the ability to search the market place for the best life insurance policy for you at the lowest possible price. You will be pleased to know that our service is free to you, the customer, and we are often able to offer discounts on the policies provided by the leading life insurance companies in the UK.

Remember, by asking us to arrange your life insurance policy you can be sure that :-

Please note that there are two basic types of life insurance; term insurance and whole life. "Term" life insurance is usually available on either a single or joint life basis and some plans also have additional benefits such as paying out on the diagnosis of a terminal illness during the term of the policy for example 15 or 20 years, although the actual term is decided by you at the outset and could be as little or as long as you want (within reason). If the policyholder or policyholders are alive at the end of the term the policy expires and no payment is made. If you stop paying premiums at any point during the term, the policy lapses and has no value. "Whole of life" insurance is different in that you are covered for the whole of your life (or in the event of a joint life policy until the 2nd policy holder dies). Once again, if you stop paying premiums at any point during the life of the policy, the policy will lapse and have no value.